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JAW Trades is an EXCLUSIVE online trading community where we help our members find success in this highly competitive and rewarding field of trading the

Stock market

Trading community

We are an exclusive online trading community committed towards onboarding serious, like-minded and helpful traders!

daily watchlist

We provide daily watchlist to our members based on any news catalyst or critical level breakouts!

Live trading

We offer live voice/video trading 1-2x a week where our head trader Jay starts streaming before market open and shares his thought process.


We offer live weekly group mentorship sessions where our members can join in and get answers to their queries.

All sessions are recorded for our members to watch later.



My name is Jay, an Options Trader.

With 2+ years of experience in trading the stock market and known for growing my small $3k account to more than 100k in 8 months from Feb to Sep 2020, my goal is to help new aspiring traders to reach that next level of trading consistency.

With enough time, patience, discipline and gritt- you can make a living and more from trading the stock market - from anywhere in the world!

I have consistently been posting on Instagram about my journey highlighting both the upsides and downsides of this risky but highly rewarding world of trading. Click the icon below!

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