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We help you accelerate the “messy middle” of trading and turn you into a consistently profitable trader.

Summit 4.0 - Coming January 2024

Journey Viewpoint
starting of my bank account
After Trading


My trading journey started in 2019, I had $2.37 to my name.​I had an interview the next day and had to borrow $50 for the train ride.

​I started there and was doing Uber Eats to cover my expenses and keep me afloat.​I later found a job that was paying me $50k a year.
​Fast forward to 2020, I had my first withdrawal of $30k. ​It took 3 years of consistent work, challenges, and a rollercoaster of events to reach that point.

No trading journey is linear, even the all-time greats had to go through the fire first. ​But as long as you keep chipping away, day by day, you’ll always end up to the right on the graph.

“I am a newbie when it comes to trading at the start of my journey. I was thoroughly impressed by the way Jay set out and paced the summit to start from the basics and lead into the advanced strategies. The analogies Jay used to help me understand concepts were really useful to me. I feel more confident in my understanding of how to trade and I will be going over the content of the summit again, one of the advantages of the recordings, as I feel this will help with deepening my understanding.”

Happy Customers

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My name is M-Ray, I am a full time ASX equities breakout/momentum trader for over 10 years based in Australia.
I started learning to trade when I was in Uni and like everyone else, I have blown a few accounts along the way.

I am completely new to Options and when I saw Jay was starting a Summit, I thought this was my green light to get fast tracked on how this works.
For anyone that is a complete beginner will get a lot out of this and will fast track the process and if anything is not understood, the support is there to fill in any gaps.

For more the advanced traders with some years of experience, I believe you will learn new things that you didn't know, like myself.
I am completely new to Options and the course has definitely fast tracked things I to get my going. Tape/psychology has been very useful to touch up on and see how Jay's though process.

This part of the course paid itself off for me. I just wonder how better the Summit 2 or 3 or 5 will be from here! Great work Jay.



I’ve been trading for a little over a year now. I’ve been through all the ups and downs that every new trader goes through.

I’ve taken many courses in that time, and have yet to find one that has the personal touch that JAW provides.
Jay’s has the gift of teaching, no doubt about it.
His course is put together with great attention to detail.
He is an excellent communicator, and patient with all of his students.

It is obvious that Jay genuinely cares for helping people with their trading career.
I have thoroughly enjoyed taking his course, and being a part of the great community he’s built.
I’m genuinely looking forward to the content Jay puts out in the future.
I know it will be carefully planned out and fantastically executed.

— Donny


Hi, my name is Mariana, I started trading part-time last year and in December decided to go full-time in 2023.
I wanted to become consistent and improve my trading psychology so I decided to get in the Summit.
I loved the Summit!!!!

Jay has shown his love for trading, I really like how he wants us to understand in an easy way, he wants to share his knowledge and experiences, he really cares.
Since week one, my trading changed, I became more confident with my trades and more consistent.
I think it's because Jay explained in a very detailed way all the processes of trading, understanding the market, preparation, and analysis; he made it easy to understand even the basics, without overcomplicating things.

He gave a lot of information supported by great examples.
I really liked how the summit was structured, the presentations were really professional and we definitely received more than expected.
He took the time to answer questions and give examples for us to understand better.
Jay showed how professional he is, not only as a trader but as a person.
Definitely a life-changing summit!

— Mariana


Hi Guys I am Ayush, working and living in Mecca of Stock Market, New York.
I am thrilled to share my testimonial for JAW Trades and how their summit has completely transformed my trading journey over the past two years.

Prior to attending the summit, I had experienced my fair share of ups and downs as a trader and had blown several of my trading accounts.
Needless to say, I was feeling quite discouraged and unsure about how to move forward.
However, attending the JAW Trades summit was a game-changer for me.

From day two of the summit, I was able to make all of my money back thanks to the valuable insights and strategies that were shared during the psychology class.
It was exactly what I needed to hear in order to break through my mental blocks and become a more confident and successful trader.
I am consistently making profitable trades and feel much more in control of my trading decisions.

The support and resources that Jay provides have been invaluable in helping me to achieve this level of success.
I cannot recommend this summit enough.
Jay's material, methodology, helping learn new traders who see alien hyalographic on Market Depth.
Jay's simplicity is the beauty!

— Ayush
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our Mission

Over the last few years, I’ve shared my trading journey publicly.​And time over time I’ve been asked:​
“Hey Jay, when are you going to do a “mentorship” or a “course”?​

And I never wanted to just create something for it to sit on a shelf and collect dust after some time like most programs.

​My goal was to always create an ever-lasting product that’s here to stay for decades to come.​​And so, for the past year, I’ve been working on exactly that…​

I introduce to you the Jaw Trading Summit.​ A 4-week intense training to accelerate your journey to consistency and profitability as a Day Trader.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced trader, this intense online LIVE course will guide you break through the “messy middle” of trading.​I’ve built this training on what I know and what’s helped turn trading into a profitable career.

​The primary focus being technical analysis.​​For those who know me, I always say:​Price action is King, Market depth is the Queen.
In this Summit, you will learn the overall market sentiment based on the relationship between the King and Queen!

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4 Week Live Training
2x Live Curriculum Bases Classes Per Week
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Is the Summit for beginners? 

Yes, this training is designed for a trader at any level. We cover everything from the fundamentals and transition into the advanced concepts.

Will I have access to the recordings?

Yes, you’ll have access to your personal portal where all recordings will be posted right after each class.

What day & times are the classes going to be?

The Summit lasts for a total of 4-weeks. Live classes will be 3 days a week. All live classes will begin at 9PM EST.

What if I can’t attend some of the Live Sessions?

If you aren’t able to attend some of the Live Sessions or Classes send us a message or email and we’ll help determine which classes are a MUST attend for you based on your situation.