• Jay A

Week- 24th-28th August 2020

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

SPY ATH or chop?

Below is this list of stocks on my watch for the week:


AMZN is holding the long term uptrend since the start of this year and looks good for to break ATH. First entry at the break of 3320-3325.


BABA also looks good for the break of ATH. It’s making a not so clean ascending triangle but we can see 270+ if it breaks 268 this week with volume.


There’s no stopping AAPL. Stock split news has had a positive affect on both AAPL and TSLA. We could see more buying momentum if AAPL decides to break $500 key level.


Similar to AAPL, TSLA is also seeing similar buying pressure since the stock split news. We could see another rally above $2100 but it’s too extended and stock has a tendency to fake out a lot. Be careful!

Apart from all these stocks, also watching ZM for break of ATH, FB and other news based stocks if we get any during the week.

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