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Week- 14th-18th December 2020

Below is this list of stocks on my watch for the week:


AMZN broke the 1D triangle and found support at 3070s. Break of 3070s/3060s and we can see a flush down. Upside is looking too choppy with no strong level to trade off until 3200.


BABA holding this triangle and I like little to no movement on low volume for the past few days. We might see a break soon. Looking to trade it under 260 for downside and above 265 for upside. Will definitely wait for the volume to kick in as it’s been very low recently.


TSLA has been holding this channel nicely. 600-630 region is a bit indecisive. Above 630, we can see a push towards the upside. Not too confident with the downside plays unless after the SPY inclusion next week.


Any positive vaccine news is bad for ZM. FDA approved Pfizer vaccine so we might see ZM drop. Looks good under 380.


DIS had a really nice run on Friday after it’s investors meeting. Many good things coming for Disney+ with raised guidance and growing subscribers base. We could see another buying spree on this or it might fill the gap towards the downside. Keeping my bias out of this. Can’t rule out the possibility that DIS might reach 200 if 180 level breaks this week.
Also watching: FDX (ER week), AAPL, NVDA, FB and WORK.

Disclaimer: JAW Trades Pty Ltd is not a registered financial advisor. All these stocks and plays are what I am watching personally and are only for educational purposes. Any trade you might take is your personal responsibility and is in no way affiliated with JAW Trades Pty Ltd or Jayawtanitrades.

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